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NASW SD Student Scholarships

NASW SD invites South Dakota Social Work students to apply for an NASW SD Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded once per year at the NASW SD Annual Conference in March.  

Both BSW and MSW students can apply!


Scholarships available:

  • BSW Scholarship - $500 
  • MSW Scholarship - $500 
  • Fern Chamberlain Scholarships (2)  - $1000 each
    • For over 70 years of her professional life Fern Chamberlain, the first MSW in the State of South Dakota, searched for ways to help the poor. She always taught that ALL families need to be treated with respect. She was always mindful of the importance of protecting the dignity of those in need of services for their families. Fern wrote grants and got funds to led Active Generations. She was in the beginning of the Helpline, and the S.F. Food Pantry. She was an active member of S.D. Peace and Justice Center. League of Women Voters, Bread for the world, and many more advocacy agencies/programs.
      It is because of all of this and many other social justice and advocacy programs that Fern was involved in that NASW-SD is proud to offer scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in pursuit of S.W. degrees. Especially in the social justice and advocacy areas.
      The Fern Chamberlain Leadership Scholarships are open to either BSW or MSW students.  Applicants will be evaluated on their personal statement, their demonstration of work in social justice and leadership, their community involvement, and their educational performance. 

*Applicants may apply for a BSW or MSW scholarships in addition to the Fern Chamberlain scholarship.


  • All applicants must be an NASW SD member in good standing.
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in a CSWE accredited Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) or Master of Social Work (MSW) program.
  • Applications will be evaluated on the quality of the applicant’s personal statement, community involvement and educational performance.  
  • Applicants must have at least one semester of school remaining before graduation.
What you will need to apply:
personal statement that includes the following:
  • Please explain how you have exemplified the characteristics of Social Justice and leadership in your life. 
  • List any activities with which you have been involved. Please indicate, where appropriate, any leadership positions you have held.  
  • If you have been employed, performed volunteer work, had practicum experiences, or held other positions of responsibility, please describe the length, dates and duties of your position(s). 
  • Applicants who have significant experience in working with minority groups are requested to highlight such experience. 
  • What is your experience with the NASW SD chapter?
  • How do you see yourself involved in the NASW during your social work career?
Academic information including:
  • Name of school attending
  • Major/Minor
  • Anticipated graduation date
  •  An unofficial copy of your transcripts from your college experience, including your current GPA.

Additional attachments (in addition to transcripts):

  • A copy of your updated resume 
  • One Letter of reference from professors, employers or supervisors, excluding family or friends