Committee Descriptions

NASW, South Dakota Chapter Standing Board Committees

Committee membership is open to ALL NASW-SD Members! We encourage people who are not on the Board of Directors to be on the committees. Each Board Member is expected to participate on one or more committees.

NASW-SD Board Executive Committee


To be responsible for the affairs of the Chapter between meetings of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee retains the powers of the Board of Directors within general policies, program, budget, and specific directions established by Board of Directors.


Consists of the officers of the Chapter, the President, the President-elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Standing Board Committees

Advocacy Committee

This committee provides oversight, strategies and research for Chapter’s legislative and social justice activities. Develop strategies to increase member involvement in legislative process. Provide committee hearing testimony when available. This committee will also work with the lobbyist in establishing the positions NASW-SD will take on state and local legislation. Members may also be interested in attending or representing our chapter at coalition meetings.

Membership Committee

Chaired by the Vice President
This committee oversees Chapter recruitment and retention efforts. Responsibilities include calling members, whose membership has lapsed, creating and overseeing yearly recruitment campaign. This committee works closely with the Diversity and Public Relations committee. This committee is chaired by the Vice President.

Education Committee

Made up of the five NASW-SD Regional Representative(s). Their responsibilities are to coordinate with other committees to provide activities and events for their region.

Annual Conference
Conducts Annual Conference programming development, researches site availability and develops theme and general direction for annual conference.

Continuing Education
Coordinate the continuing education programs.

Finds ways to increase the chapters non-dues revenue.

Public Relations Committee

Chaired by the Secretary
This committee oversees the promotion of the social work profession in South Dakota.


This committee carries out Chapter’s responsibilities regarding peer review. Members assist the National ethics department in determining whether to accept cases for review. Members serve as chairs for hearing panels when necessary. Members participate in training provided by NASW via conference call. Training in mediation is helpful. No Board members may sit on this committee.

Finance Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer
The goals of this committee relate to activities that advance the sound fiscal position of the Chapter and to ensuring sufficient funds to forward the mission of the organization. This committee oversees the budget preparation process. This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is made up of the Executive Committee.

Nominations and Leadership Identification Committee

This seeks diverse candidates to run for the NASW-SD Board of Directors. They may also encourage members to participate at the National level. It is their responsibility to slate the election each year. It is also this committee’s responsibility to provide leadership training to the membership.


This committee analyses South Dakota’s demographics and proposes chapter policy for diversity and affirmative action. This committee is responsible for the annual diversity plan to National NASW.


This committee oversees the political action activities of the Chapter, including disbursement of PACE funds and developing strategies to increase membership involvement in political process. This committee may endorse state and local candidates, but not at the national level.

Ad-Hoc Committee

The NASW-SD President may assemble a temporary committee for special projects.

This committee promotes NASW-SD scholarships to be given to one MSW and one BSW student at our annual convention. They are also responsible for reviewing and updating the application and criteria for the scholarship. They are also responsible for finding one neutral person in each region to process applications and determine the winners. No board members or school representatives shall serve on this committee.